Saturday, July 30, 2016

Love your spouse unconditionally but put God first!

In my last post several months ago I told the story of how TJ and I met. It has been 7 months since that post and many things have happened in our life since. Can I just say I love being married to my husband!? He is the most incredible man. I mean he puts up with me everyday so what more could I ask for right?! Not every day is easy but because we have each other it makes each day and each trial we go through easier. One thing We talked about and decided before we got married was that God would always be our number 1 and we would be each other's number 2. That may seem strange to some but we believe in putting God first in our marriage. I believe that putting God first in your life will bring you blessings you cannot even begin to measure. That decision has been one of the greatest  decisions I've ever made. When I made the choice to follow My Heavenly Fathers plan for me and to put Him first instead of what I wanted and thought I needed everything in my life has fallen into place. Some days are hard and some days I struggle but because of my faith and my willingness to trust God no matter how hard it may be at times, my life has been more blessed than I could imagine. TJ is such a great example to me he always has a positive outlook on life and helps me to do the same. Though we are not perfect we balance each other out and because of him I am becoming a better person. He inspires me everyday. On Facebook I was challenged to do the love your spouse challenge and I just want to say I love my TJ! Everyday I look at him and wonder, "how did I get so lucky?" I'm incredibly blessed to be married to him! Marriage isn't always sunshine and roses and we have hard days but because of the love we have for each other as well as our Heavenly Father we are able to get through the tough days. Maybe my post seems scatterbrained but I write what comes to my mind and what I feel in my heart I should share. My main points in this are  to Love your Heavenly Father first and put him first in your marriage. Follow His will for you and His will for your marriage and all things will work out according to His perfect plan. It won't always be easy but it's worth it. The second thing is to love your spouse unconditionally always make them your number 2. I love my sweet husband and I'm so greatful for his love and willingness to love me and to work together to make our life the best.

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